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Artist. Wife. Mother. Tea drinker. Animal lover. French-American.



Unique. Emotional. Surprising. Fun.



"Edwige is truly "the baby whisperer." Her photos are marvelous; each one is nothing less than a work of art. She has a gift with the camera and with kids, and took the time to make my older son feel just as special as his little brother. I am so very happy we made the decision to invest in these priceless memories!" Stephanie

"Edwige is the best! She is so talented and professional! Our newborn photos turned out better than we could have imagined. We will cherish them forever." Leah

"She takes the most beautiful photographs of any photographers I've found in the Stuttgart area. Couldn't narrow down which ones I wanted, so I just ordered the package to include them all. Patient with little kids, which really makes the photos of them great." Jennifer

"The experience was great. You gave me very useful tips prior to the session and you had such great ideas for poses, backgrounds, etc. You were very professional and genuinely concerned with getting great shots that made your customer happy." Kris

"Eternal gratitude and thanks to Edwige Photography for her AMAZING talent and photos today! Such a fun time and I can't wait to see more pics!!! Everyone here in Stuttgart should have her come and take photos of your little one!!!" Celia

"I highly recommend Edwige Photography
!! She is an amazing photographer! Her artwork is BEAUTIFUL!" Chasity

"You are a wonderful photographer. You have a keen eye as well as an incredible ability to work with children. You motivated and encouraged to ensure you captured my family. Loved the photos and really appreciate you." Carey

"I really enjoyed working with Edwige. She did a fantastic job and was very attentive to our needs. She was extremely patient and it was very obvious that she loves working with babies. I will definitely use her services again." Beth

"Edwige's customized approach to her client's desires is what makes her stand out as a photographer. She truly wants your session with her to be what you envisioned." Angela



Photo by Jim Martin