Chubbs and his family! {Stuttgart Family Photographer}

Today I got to meet this wonderful and fun family in celebration of Chub’s first year. One little dude on the go and soooo sweet!! When his momma called for the session I asked my usual questions and one of those is: So tell me about your family? And she starts naming ALL the children. 6 in total. Kudos to you, super mama! You have wonderful children! And are they not all super cute or what?


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Leonie Turns One!! {Stuttgart Children Photographer}

This little girl came for her 6 months photos and she was back for a cake party! She is such a sweety!!! And I just could not get enough of those expressions. First she was afraid of trying the cake, then did not like it, and finally figured it actually tasted yummy and surprised herself how good it tasted. I LOVE seeing babies trying sweets for the first time.



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What’s in your bag? {Stuttgart Family, Newborn, Children Photographer}

When I began shooting for profit about 4 years ago, I started with a Canon 20D, a Tamron lens, and an old flash. With time I was able to save up and invest in better equipment (and at first I charged $150 per session and gave around 30 digital files, so it took a while!). My first upgrade was the Canon 7D that I still own for back-up, along with a couple of nicer lenses (a Canon 50mm f1.8 and a Canon 17-55mm f2.8L). Later on, I discovered that zooms really can’t compare with fixed lenses and that a full frame camera is sooooooo much better than a crop sensor (APS-C) one in term of image quality. So in late 2013 I broke the bank and invested in a whole new set (below). I LOVE my 5D Mark III, and would not give anything less to my clients today. So for the ones who are more technical (or just curious), here is what’s in my bag:

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 35mm f2

Canon 50mm f1.4 (fave baby photo lens)

Canon 100mm macro f2.8

Canon 70-200mm f2.8

Canon 17-40mm f4 L (landscape lens)

Rokinon 8mm Fisheye (fun lens)

Expo Disk

Gray Card

Canon 580EX II Flash

Remote Flash Trigger

Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

Canon 7D (back-up body)

Lens Pens


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