Newborn Safety {Stuttgart Newborn Photographer}

When choosing a newborn photographer, the first thing to keep in mind is safety.  Newborns are super fragile little beings, and accidents can happen quickly. This is why choosing a professional photographer who is used to handling newborns is really important for your photos. And it will result in a happy session for everyone as well.

Of course, everyone needs to start somewhere and needs to learn, but even with new photographers in the field it is important to know if the person has put the extra time and effort into learning about what can and can’t be done with a newborn. So whether you choose Edwige Photography or another photographer in the area, make sure to ask if he or she knows safe techniques for posing your newborn.

Here at Edwige Photography, everything is designed to keep your baby safe and happy. Being a mom myself has certainly helped, but I am also known as a baby whisperer; I guess I just love babies too much. 🙂 During a session, I read your baby’s cues and will never force him/her into a position he/she does not like. I just move on to the next pose. I also use soothing techniques and  cozy blankets and props so your baby feels safe. The room is warm to simulate the womb, and a machine plays the sound of a mom’s heartbeat.  My props are all washed with hypoallergenic soap and kept in airtight containers. Some of the things that I do to keep your baby happy and safe, I figured out on my own, but others I have learned through seminars and mentoring.

Finally, an important part about your photo session is communication!  With your newborn session, we have a 30-minute pre-shoot consultation during which we talk about all of the details of the session, including what to expect, what to bring, how to prepare (such as nutrition information for breastfeeding mothers), etc. … all that is needed to ensure a perfect photo session!

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What’s in your bag? {Stuttgart Family, Newborn, Children Photographer}

When I began shooting for profit about 4 years ago, I started with a Canon 20D, a Tamron lens, and an old flash. With time I was able to save up and invest in better equipment (and at first I charged $150 per session and gave around 30 digital files, so it took a while!). My first upgrade was the Canon 7D that I still own for back-up, along with a couple of nicer lenses (a Canon 50mm f1.8 and a Canon 17-55mm f2.8L). Later on, I discovered that zooms really can’t compare with fixed lenses and that a full frame camera is sooooooo much better than a crop sensor (APS-C) one in term of image quality. So in late 2013 I broke the bank and invested in a whole new set (below). I LOVE my 5D Mark III, and would not give anything less to my clients today. So for the ones who are more technical (or just curious), here is what’s in my bag:

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 35mm f2

Canon 50mm f1.4 (fave baby photo lens)

Canon 100mm macro f2.8

Canon 70-200mm f2.8

Canon 17-40mm f4 L (landscape lens)

Rokinon 8mm Fisheye (fun lens)

Expo Disk

Gray Card

Canon 580EX II Flash

Remote Flash Trigger

Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

Canon 7D (back-up body)

Lens Pens


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Why choose products over digital files? {Stuttgart Family, Newborn, Children Photographer}

Even though digital files are the most profitable item on a photographer’s price list, the easiest things for them to give to a client, and (generally) what clients want the most, they will probably and most likely end up on a storage drive or just tucked away with ALL the other digital images that you own. Soon, they will be forgotten–and probably even corrupted.

Yes, they are great for sharing on Facebook or mobile devices and for printing 5x7s for grandparents and friends, but for a beautiful print on your wall or a high-quality album on your coffee table, for keepsakes that will be passed on for generations–this is why you hire a professional photographer. To preserve your memories!

With technology that is available to almost anyone, you can capture good images of your children and share those with your family and friends. Even your iPhone will do a great job. But you hire a professional photographer to capture your family in ways that you can’t. This artwork needs to endure.


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